In-company training courses and workshops




De Perskamer organizes two workshops for the research school GELIFES - Groningen Institute for Evolutionary Life Sciences on 7th and 14th March 2018. Trainers Rob Buiter and Astrid Smit


On 7,14 en 21 February  2018, De Perskamer has given three workshops ‘Societal Impact of your research’ for Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences. Guest speakers are Arnold van Vliet en Tjeerd Blaquière. Trainers Marianne Heselmans and Astrid Smit.


Daniel Akakpo (Ghana) 'One thing I liked at this course was the commitment of the instructors. They encouraged us to do the right things.'


Chiarra Portuluzzi (Italy) 'Perfect course'



Bruno van Wayenburg and Astrid Smit gave on 15, 29 November en 13 December 2017 the training course ‘Animated Science: explaining research in a short video’  for Phd students from Medisch Genetisch Centrum Zuid-West Nederland.


The Perskamer will give a training course 'Animated science, explaining research in a short video' at Casimir, the research school for Fysics from the Universities of Delft and Leiden on 7th and 21th March 2017. Trainers Bruno van Wayenburg en Astrid Smit.


De Perskamer organised the 'Share your biotechnology research with a broad audience' course at Medisch Genetisch Centrum Zuid-West Nederland on 9th and 21th November 2016.

The twelve participants rated this course with an average 8.1. Trainers Marianne Heselmans and Astrid Smit


On 10th June 2016, De Perskamer gave a masterclass 'Share your research results' at the NWO-science-event Bessensap in Den Hague.


On 6th October De Perskamer organized a workshop 'Writing news for a website' for Wageningen UR. Trainers: Marianne Heselmans and Rik Nijland


On 9th and 15th September De Perskamer organized two workshops ‘Societal Impact’ for the Animal Breeding and Genomics Centre’ van Wageningen UR. Guest speakers: Arthur Mol, President WUR and Marcel Dicke, professor entomology WUR and winner of the Eureka prize for Sciencecommunication. Trainers Rob Buiter and Astrid Smit.



De Perskamer has organized different types of workshops Science Commuication for, among others, Topinstitute Food and Nutrition (January 2015), Sense (October 2013 and 2014), the Wageningen Business School (2013) and the Kluyvercentre in Delft.

De Perskamer provides in-company training.
We prepare for our training courses by taking a good look at the texts and presentations that the organisation produces – newsletters, websites and posters. We then work out the course objectives and content together with the client.
Again, we determine the workshop objectives and content together with the client.

De Perskamer holds short open training courses (consisting of two Friday afternoon sessions) two times a year for researchers, science communication officers and science journalists.




Photo: Training course at Kluyvercentre Delft in 2011. The interviewer (Marianne): Why is your research result important for society?


A few quotes from the group Physical chemistry and soft matter (Wageningen UR), twelve participants, two workshops in March 2013:


'Nice workshop, I liked it'


'Very useful to have exposure to actual science journalists thanks'


'Very nice and well structured course'


'De cursus gaf me de gelegenheid om een stap terug te doen, en eens als buitenstaander naar mijn onderzoekswerk te kijken.'


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